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My name is Travis Dykes. My wife, Mimi, and I have been called to be missionaries to the Deaf, and we served together for 13 years (combined 20 years) in Botswana, Africa. It was necessary for us to come home for a time because our son has autism, and we were advised to get him specialized training early in life. God has blessed that, and we are now ready to return to full-time mission work. While we have been at home, we planted a church in Stockbridge, Georgia for inner city and international people.

God has now given us a larger ministry. We have just returned from a trip to Ethiopia and Botswana, where they still do not have a missionary to the Deaf. The work is thriving, but they need someone to lead and train them. The Deaf are one of the most neglected people groups in the world, and we desperately need to reach them before the cults do. Time has now proven that the Deaf can be saved, trained, and educated, and then do a marvelous job of serving the Lord. We have many examples to demonstrate our point.

We simply need your partnership to get the job done. We have about 22% of our support, and with just a little more I can quit my job and finish up deputation in a short time. We would welcome the opportunity to share our burden with you and your church. Our desire is not only to present our needs but also to be a blessing to you. We want to be an extension of your ministry. Enclosed you will find our testimonies and information about our work. My father was a pastor so, and I know how busy you are, and I will appreciate it greatly if you can find a few minutes to look our material over.

I will call you in a few days, and I hope you will have a couple of minutes to talk with me. “Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course..”

In Christ,

Travis Dykes


“I have known, supported, and endorsed the ministry of Travis and Mimi Dykes for many years. They have been faithful, studious, and have not wavered in their work for the Lord.  I am thankful they have stayed true to the calling of our Lord. God has opened a door for them to take the helm of Joyce’s Kids. This is a massive work and needs the leadership of Travis and Mimi. I do believe they are an answer to many prayers for this ministry. Please consider supporting them with your prayers and financial support.”

  • Dr. Larry  Pearson

“I have known Brother Travis his since he was born and I can tell  you that he is a man with a zeal for the Lord, of impeccable character, with a deep desire to serve the Lord in the capacity of Director of Joyce’s Kids for Baptist International Missions.”

  • -Dr. Neal Beard

“Travis and Mimi are both very capable of leading Joyce’s Kids for several reasons. Travis and Mimi have both been closely associated with this ministry for many years. The Dykes are both experienced in deaf culture having served faithfully among the Deaf in a developing country. Furthermore, God has given Travis and Mimi a special needs child of their very own.”

  • -John Yingling

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