November / December 2017 Report

November / December Report


It has been an exciting couple of months, and there is much to report so I will keep my opening short. I have just returned from an emergency trip to Botswana. On October 8th, we found out that one of our pastor’s daughters (Mimi Moikotlhia) went missing, and with time we were able to determine the cause of this was due to cultic activities. This will be a lengthier letter than I would normally write, but please understand there is much more to report. I would be happy to visit your church and share our ministry burden and elaborate on this story. I know many of those receiving this may not yet support our ministry. My prayer is that these events will show why it is so necessary for us to return to our ministries in Ethiopia and Botswana as quickly as possible.

“And of some have compassion, making a difference:”


Mimi and I spent much time in prayer and considerationas to what to do in this situation, and thanks to a generous gift from compassionate hearts I was able to travel to Botswana on October 20th to see how I could help. Shortly before I arrived, thanks to the prayers of many of you and friends of B.I.O. one of our Deaf church members spotted her at a bus stop and was able to have the police come and take her back to her family. This was a direct answer to the prayer that I would be able to meet and talk with her at church or the pastor’s home and not at the place she had gone.

“And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire;”


It became evident to us pretty quick why God had allowed this happen. When I was investigating the situation (before meeting with her) I had gone to the Secondary School to speak with a few people I knew about what had happened. When Corella and I reached the school, it was evident that demonic oppression was present there. This is something hard to explain unless you have experienced it first hand, but it was obvious. Whatever this was it was infecting the entire school; not only the deaf but also the hearing.

That week, as we prepared for Silent J.O.Y. Saturday, we met many people involved in this situation. We had arranged for the school to allow the Deaf students boarding at the school to walk to the church on Saturday for the activities. When we preached and presented the gospel to them, it brought Luke 8:12 to mind, “…then cometh the devil, and taketh away the word out of their hearts,”

I asked the hearing (about 40 kids and teens) to stay when the activities had ended and gave a special salvation message to them, while a few men prayed as I taught them. This was when God showed up! Every hearing person and one deaf man accepted Christ as their savior!

We were to go to the school the next day to teach the Deaf teens there, and so I instructed the men to spend all night in prayer. The next morning we started the Sunday activities at the younger children’s school, and we all agreed for Corella to preach as we prayed, and we saw God save 9 of the children there. We then went on to the Secondary School, where we all again agreed for Emelang to preach as we prayed. God again showed up in full force, and 48 of the Deaf teenagers accepted Christ as their Savior!

Next was the time I had been praying for – the reason I had come – to speak to Mimi Moikotlhia. As I sat wondering what to say, the Spirit spoke to me that the real issue was that she needed to be saved. I explained salvation to her, and she then accepted Christ as her savior and shared with us the full story of what had happened. Though I do not have the time in this letter to explain it all, what I can share is that God protected her in a mighty way to make all this happen.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we would see many come to Lord; almost all of them having been affected by this evil presence. In one meeting that we were allowed to have at the school, we had over 151 saved!

“… hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.”


We have 239 names and contacts of people who accepted Christ. What a wonderful God that he would use one little girl, a bad situation, show His protection, and overthrow the Devil in 6 weeks. 


“Now unto him, that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy,”


This is why I say, “I like to watch God work!” There is not one of us who could have done any of this, but only a mighty God with a mighty Plan to tear down walls and take His property from the grips of evil.

July & August 2017 Dykes Prayer Letter

Dear Pastor and Praying Friends:

The Apostle Paul stated in 1 Corinthians 10:31, “Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.”

I was teaching on this verse in a soul winning class on Wednesdays night in a local church plant, and it touched my heart in so many ways as we unraveled the scriptures and went into the mind of God here. Eating and drinking are a necessity of life, and serving God (not ourselves) is also a necessity for the Christian life. Even more, the act of sharing our faith in soul winning is a necessity.

While we are missionaries on deputation, Mimi and I look at ourselves as being missionaries wherever we go. Jim Eliot stated, “Wherever you are, be all there! Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God.” Right now the will of God is that we be on the deputation trail once again, but this does not negate the fact that we are to be constant in our witness for Him.

While we were on the road this past week, I was able or share the Gospel with hotel workers, gas station attendants, and people we would meet on the way. Yesterday I received a friend request on my Facebook page that I keep private for those I witness to, and it was one such person I shared the Gospel with. Praise the Lord she is right on the verge of accepting. Please remember this young lady in prayer, that she will yield to the Lord.

Deputation News: We have been on the road to accomplish the goal we need to move to Africa and begin our ministry there. We have managed to move up to about 39% of our needed support, and the Lord is blessing. I am currently calling weekly, and we need much prayer that we can find pastors and mission teams on the other end of the phone. Also be in prayer as the kids will be starting school next week; pray that the Lord will provide a way for us to travel nearby and keep them in their school. We are looking into the possibility of homeschooling them, but it is still important that we keep Logan in school for the social requirements he needs.

Needs: We are planning a couple of trips in between meetings. While our number one goal is deputation and reaching our needed support level, we still have many ongoing ministries that require our attention as well. I will need to make a trip to southern Africa (South Africa, Botswana, and Zambia) this year. I will be spending the majority of my time in Botswana encouraging and training the workers there with the focus of future momentum in the ministry. It is my goal to take them on a journey from Gaborone to Maun where we will be seeking the Deaf who have scattered. We will also start planning for the circuit riding ministry there. I am praying that we can raise about $4,000.00 for tickets, lodging, and necessities while there. Mimi will also need to go Ethiopia. This trip may not happen until 2018, but we need to start making preparation and raising support for it as well. This will be a survey trip where she will work with the VICKtory school, look for schools and start planning our move there.

I know the Lord will supply, and I thank you for your continued prayer while we are walking by faith now on the deputation trail.

In Christ,

Travis, Mimi, Nikki, and Logan Dykes



May Report 2017

I hope this letter finds you well. Please know how much Mimi and I appreciate all the encouragement and support (both prayer and financial) since our return to missions, and that we do pray for each of you, that God will keep you all strong and in His service.

We have taken a huge step of faith, and the best way I can describe it to you is what God both shared with me and allowed to happen. Mimi and I have made the decision to go full time with Joyce’s Kids and our deputation. I have been working a full-time job, as well as doing the ministry of deputation, and though it is not easy to explain how the will of God works at times, we know that we are in it and trusting in Him and Him alone for our support and continued deputation. I will be focusing full-time on obtaining meetings and raising our personal support while we are making preparations for our return to the field.

We ask that you pray with us for God to open doors for us to obtain our support quickly because there is an urgency for us to be fully supported and focus our full-time efforts on the ministry that God has laid before us. Many of you who are receiving this letter support us, while others of you do not as yet. I would ask those of you, who do not support us, to join with us and those already partnered with us to reach the Deaf of this world for Jesus Christ.

Once we are fully supported we will move to Ethiopia. I am making plans and preparations for maintaining the oversight here at home, but right now we have two countries who are without an American missionary to the Deaf; Ethiopia and Botswana. Many of you know one of my favorite things is watching God work! In December and January, we could do just that. We went to Ethiopia to survey the VICKtory School for the Deaf, and while there I made a trip to Botswana. What God showed us is that this is possible.  For the price of a bus ticket from Atlanta to Washington D.C., I could fly to Botswana from Ethiopia and back. What is so amazing about this is that both are in desperate need for leadership to save and continue some great ministries.

As many of you know B.I.O. Lost a great servant of Lord last year, Bizuayehu Assefa. This loss has left a great void in the ministry there, which is continuing but struggling. There are about 15 works that Bizuayehu left there, as well as the spiritual leadership he had at the VICKtory School. The reason we will be basing our ministry out of Ethiopia is to work with VICKtory School, establish some leadership within the deaf church, and plant a deaf church in VICKtory School to supply the students and families of the students with much needed pastoral and spiritual guidance while also reaching the community.

While there I will also be traveling to Botswana as well. This is to establish a different kind of ministry and to strengthen the ministries that are already in place. God’s people there have done a tremendous job of maintaining the ministry, but the time has come to push forward. Many of the Deaf lost their jobs a few months ago, and this has scattered them all over the country in pockets. We will be going to Botswana to establish a circuit-riding ministry and continue to plant deaf churches with hearing ministries. It will require training and support to get this much-needed ministry off the ground and establish the man God has called to do it.

While doing these things, we will maintain the oversight and support of Joyce’s Kids.

If you were to ask me how all this can work, I could give you ideas, but honestly, it’s all a faith move that God has called us in. Though I cannot tell you how it will work, God already knows how He will make it work!

We live in a day and age of programs, planning, and preparations. While all these things are good and have their place, we need to remember that, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:8-9


February/2017 Report

2 Corinthians 5:20,

“Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did
beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ’s stead, be ye reconciled to God.”

On a hot Botswana summer morning, an 11-year-old little boy woke up, ate his breakfast and got dressed. Much like every other morning in this young man’s life, there was nothing much out of the ordinary. As he went outside, he met his friends, who were running toward
s the big church building at the edge of the neighborhood. He heard yells of “Locoa, Locoa!” It is on this day December 31st, 2016 that not just his life, but many of the lives present would change for eternity …

We were privileged to go once more to the mission field and thanks to many of you who helped us with this journey, we saw souls saved and were burdened in unexpected ways. It is a privilege to be able to answr God’s call and to be his ambassador for a brief stay in Ethiopia and Botswana. I wish I had time to tell you all the beautiful things that God showed us, did for us, and did through us while there, but please allow me to highlight for you some of the key things, such as the story that was started before with the little boy.

In Ethiopia, we had the privilege to minister not only in the school but also in two churches. I spent much time in the school on week days. I traveled with Gomeju to the school in the morning, and then rode the school van home in the afternoon. I not only was able to see the kids in the school but also get an insight into where many of the kids live. It took us about two and a half hours to drop the kids off in the afternoon. Many of these dear children learn their first words at the school, and through there progression, they then meet their savior for the first time as well! I had the privilege to teach the Bible while there and through the story of Noah’s Ark and his one door, and Jesus the one door of Salvation, many of the children prayed and accepted Jesus as their savior.

Botswana: What a time it will be in heaven when we can see all those we have met and influenced on the road that Christ sets us on. This is how I felt when I went back to Botswana after three years. It was a great privilege to see all these dear people that Mimi and I have influenced for the cause of Christ and to see their continued faithfulness in our absence. We have been saying for years that our goal there was to have a Deaf church with a hearing ministry and through the efforts of the deaf and Corela that is just what we have in Romotswa. I went out to the village on Saturday the 31st, thinking this was just going to be an observation day to see the building and meet with the pastors, but God had other plans. That little boy and many of his friends heard God’s word and accepted Jesus as their Savior. In my next letter, I will expound more on the many good things that God allowed us to do on such a short trip.

All in all, we saw about 31 souls come to know Christ as their savior, and that is worth all the sacrifice we could ever offer.


On Mission December 2016

December / 2016

cropped-20-1-1.jpgWe hope your Holliday season is going well. As we approach Christmas, I always think about souls to be saved, as that is the greatest gift we can give our Lord on His celebrated birthday.

We are so thankful for all the support we have received for our very soon upcoming trip to Ethiopia and Botswana. There is much work to be completed, and we will have a very short time to do this in. We are very excited to jump right in with Joyce’s Kids and our calling to be the American missionary for the deaf works in both these countries.

While in Ethiopia, we are looking forward to getting to know the ministry at VICKtory School for the Deaf, and meeting with the teachers as well as local pastors and missionaries. It is my desire to see many souls saved while performing the business of the work there and also to minister in whatever opportunity God opens for us.

When I get to Botswana, I will be moving very fast to get the instructor set up for the J.O.Y. Bible Institute online program. Botswana will be a testing zone for our plans with this. It is our hope to test many things out and see how they work. I have set everything up on this side and am looking forward to God moving in a mighty way with the pastor training program. I will also be ministering to the pastors and their families while there and encouraging them to a momentum driven ministry and raising the next generation to serve Christ. It is also my plan to return to Botswana this summer for an extended trip if God allows, and this stopover will help me assess the needs they will have and plan accordingly.

We are praying that on this trip we will see at least 25 souls saved. Please pray with us that this request is fulfilled, as this is the primary reason for missions.

I look forward to updating you all in my next letter for the great and wonderful things the Lord did through this trip. Please be in prayer for our deputation that we will be able to raise our support quickly because we are anxious to get to work and fulfill our duty for the Lord.

In Christ,

Travis, Mimi, Nikki, and Logan Dykes

Facebook Friends Report:


Mimi, Nikki, Logan, and I will be traveling to Ethiopia in December. We have chosen to sacrifice our Christmas break and take a needed survey trip to energize us for the ministry God has called us to Joyce’s Kids.

One thing to understand is that December 25th is not when Ethiopia observes Christmas so there will be much we will be able to do while there, and of course, we do have many family members and friends there, so it will not all be work.

Here is a few specific prayer request we have for this trip:

  • That we will be a blessing to those serving in Ethiopia and Botswana
  • A deeper burden for the work there.
  • Souls saved!
  • Energy for our Deputation.


I will also begin to start calling churches full time this coming Tuesday. I will have to be very careful as I have to maintain a job until we reach at least 25% support. We do have a few obstacles in our path to overcome, but on faith, I plan to begin traveling and visiting churches even if I do not have a meeting with them. We will have stick to an 8-hour driving distance from our home or the BIO office. I thank God I have work that will travel with me if I have the necessary equipment to do so.

My Plan is simple:

  • 30% Support – I will go part time at work:

I will still have to work, but not as much. The reason for employment is not all financial as much as it is to maintain insurance and educational needs the kids have, especially Logan.

  • 50% Support – I will go Full time with Joyce’s kids and deputation:

There are some obstacles that we will not be able to overcome:

  1. Logan will need to remain in school throughout the school year. He is doing better than anyone ever had thought, but still requires some of the programs that assist him with his educational needs.
  2. While Working I will not be able to attend a full missions conference. For a missionary these conferences are priceless, and some churches will only have you at these conferences. So for now I have to put this into God’s hands.
  3. Limitation of travel (do to work).

Prayer List:

  • Encouragement to walk by faith while on deputation.
  • Fruitfulness in my contacting Churches for meetings.
  • Understanding from Churches about my family situation and them not always being able to travel with me.
  • Our upcoming trip to Ethiopia and Botswana for safety and to get a deeper burden for the calling God has placed on our lives.


The Largest Unreached People Group

Why is a ministry like Joyce’s Kids so important? 

… and why we do what we do!

Are there any truly unreached people in the World?

I know what you’re thinking, and yes it’s hard to believe that after 2000+ years since Christ’s ascension into Heaven, there can be unreached in the world? Let me introduce you to one set of people that are truly unreached. The Deaf of this world is the largest unreached people group. What! How can you make such a claim you may be thinking? Let’s look at some facts:

  • According to the World Health Organization, over 5% of the world’s population has a disabling hearing loss.
  • The World Deaf Federation reports that only about 1-2% of the Deaf receive an education in Sign Language.
  • It is estimated according to many of the organizations such as Joyce’s Kids, Silent Word Ministries, and many others, that only about 2% of the Deaf in the world have a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

All of this combined qualifies the Deaf as an Unreached people group.

A Practical Look:

What does all these statistics look like?

  • 5% of the world’s population being Deaf:
  • America has roughly (according to at the time this was written) 325,000,000 people residing in it’s borders that we know of.
  • The world population is roughly 7,000,000,000
  • That puts the Deaf population at roughly 350,000,000
  • If you took all the Deaf people in the world and placed them in a single country, they would be the third largest country in the world; larger than the population of the United States of America!

Put this into perspective. While it would make our work a lot easier if they were in one nation, they are not. Think about how many churches, Missionaries, Missions, and outreach projects we run in America today. Now think about how many people you know that have still not been brought to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

This is why an organization like Joyce’s Kids is needed. The harvest is great, and it takes groups to conquer such a challenging field. We are able to equip the missionaries with the tools and extra funding they need to educate and win these Deaf peoples to the Lord. As a Director, I am looking forward to working with others on a team and with a group effort to go to places where there are no missionaries and present this to God’s people in the hopes that more will join us in our efforts to reach this unreached people group to Christ.

  • The World Deaf Federation reports that only about 1-2% of the Deaf receive an education in Sign Language.

Think about the people you are currently witnessing to on a daily basis. What if you could not speak to them tomorrow, not because of a physical contact availability, but because you did not know their language?

This means that out of that 350,000,000 Deaf People, only 7,000,000 have received an education in their own language. I have personally witnessed this in a developing nation where I worked. There was a classroom of Deaf students (a little over 20), and a teacher, teaching them. She was writing on the chalkboard, and the students were copying what she wrote. There was one issue here, though. While I appreciate the government of that nation for offering any kind of education to the Deaf; the issue was that the teacher did not know sign language! While I have the artistic capability to copy Chinese on a piece of paper, I can not tell you at all what it says, or how to apply it to my life. If I copy Chinese (a language I do not know) on a piece of paper, its just art to me.

Attempting to teach the Deaf in anything other than sign language, would be like me assisting my children with their homework in French. They would not get it, and they would be very confused.

The lack of education is also a road block to Bible teaching and winning them to Christ. They need to know their language (or any language) for someone to be able to share the Gospel with them.

This is why there is a need for Joyce’s Kids. Hearing Children, in spite of an education, learn their language at a very young age. While most Deaf people are not born that way, in developing nations they become Deaf at a very young age. This is why we need schools. We do not start schools as a means of charity; we start them as a means of the ultimate charity. We start these schools and educate these children with one goal in mind, reaching them for Jesus Christ. We not only reach them, but these precious children (and sometimes adults) have families. These families would have no hope in many nations if it were not for these schools.

Imagine if you were a father or mother, and had a child that was Deaf. This child is yours, alive, and still a blessing, but you have no idea what to do. You go to the local education system and they tell you they have no programs for that child and there is nothing they can do for you. This is unheard of in America I know, but in many developing nations, parents feel that pit in their stomach every day from a hopeless response.

In Zambia, Ethiopia, Brazil, South America, the Philippines, and a few other nations, when this parent goes to the ministry of education and asks this question, they are met with a hopeful response. “you know we do not have much to offer … but there is a missionary …” This is what we do every day in the nations we have a presence in, we supply hope to the hopeless. We educate not only the children in sign language, but we educate the parents that are willing as well. For the first time, a mother can now have a conversation with her daughter, and a father can now communicate with and teach his son. A Missionary can now give the Gospel, and it is fully understood.

  • It is estimated according to many of the organizations such as Joyce’s Kids, Silent Word Ministries, and many others, that only about 2% of the Deaf in the world have a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

This is our primary goal. How much investment is a soul worth? How much time, money, and effort is that Deaf child worth? Along with our faithful team of missionaries, I have said it is worth my life.

For most disabled children in developing countries, their families simply believe that they cannot learn. In many African countries, schools for disabled and handicapped children simply do not exist.

They receive no education, learn no skills and many are exposed to verbal, physical, and sexual abuse on a daily basis. Worst of all, many of these children have come to believe that GOD does not love them and that their lives have absolutely no value or hope.

I have spent time with Deaf Children in developing nations, and when I asked them about God, they asked “What is God?” meaning the actual word “God:” not even the person God. Imagine not to even know the word that we use to describe the ultimate love contained in the person of God.

At Joyce’s Kids, we work along side of the schools, churches, missionaries, and ministries to equip them with the tools needed to answer this question “What is God?”

We only need one more key team member – YOU! We can’t do it without your prayers and support. This is one place you can be sure that what you do will result in someone hearing the gospel who would not have any other way.

3 People you can Influence with the Gospel, but the 4th is a possibility …

What if I told you that right now there are three, and possibly even four people groups you can influence to heaven? You are probably thinking, I do not know how to preach, I have never been a teacher, and half the things in the Bible still go over my head. How can I influence anyone to faith in christ?

Yes, I have been there, sitting the sidelines, desiring to get in the game, but not having the confidence to leap out there. I will be totally honest with you, I have never been a great relationship communicator. If it were not for the ministry I would prefer to be a mountain man somewhere GPS devices could not even find. What? you’re a pastor, a missionary, how could you even say such a thing!

All of us face fears, this is life as we know it. The fear of putting yourself out there. The fear of the ALL POWERFUL NO (has no power at all and we will deal with this later in another post)!

But did you know you have people waiting right now to hear what you have to say? Did you know there are people in your life at this very moment, that are on a preverbal seesaw on whether or not they should accept this Jesus stuff everyone is talking about? And, did you know that you alone may be that one deciding factor that will enable them to chose the path of destruction or the path of life?

I remember the I was sitting in church one Sunday morning, and the song director asked us to sing the song “Almost Persuaded.” Now, I had sung that song probably thousands of times and I never impacted my life until that day. That day, this song haunted my life as I thought, “how many people in my life were almost persuaded?” and “How many of those people, could I have made an impact on their final decision?”

I realized that day, this day that will be forever embedded in my mind, that I was going to do whatever it took to become a soul winner. I researched in books, got my hands on DVD’s, I read articles (this was pre-web, so no blogs yet). I determined that not only was I going to win souls but I would teach others also (2 Timothy 2:2)!

 This is the Benefit to You!

There are three, and possibly four people groups, right now, in your life that can be influenced and won by the Gospel of Jesus Christ that is in you. I am assuming that you are reading this because you (like me back then hearing that song) truly have a desire to see people saved. So here it is, the short list of those you personally can influence for the Gospel with nothing but a few scriptures and what God has done in your PERSONAL life!

STOP, before you go any further, you need to realize one thing…

Your Testimony is your most valuable player. Yes, you are your own MVP! People who listen to you in these circles, do not want to hear how God saved Johasaphat Jones, 28 years prior to the 2nd world war, they want to hear what God has done for you! It took me a long time to realize that I cannot get a job with someone else’s resume, and I cannot win a soul with someone else’s life testimony (alone) either. I need to share the one person’s testimony that I know 100% (because I was there) and that mine.

Three People Groups you can Influence:
  1. You probably guessed it by now, the first group is your personal friends.

This Group is so close to my heart, as the very first person I introduced to the Creator, was at that time my closest friend. I was thinking the same thing you may be thinking right now …

“He knows me …”

This may not seem like a big deal to some, but for those of us saved later in life … well, lets just say have probably done some things (bad things) that no are longer important cause they are now under the blood. Many of your friends were probably with you in your darkest moments, and this may be deterring your witness with things running in your head like “…he does know half the things I have done …” Let me tell you, yes they do know what you were, they weep with you! They also know you have changed … That’s right they know you’re different now. As Christ said our salvation is like a candle, and even we try to hide it, it’s going to show forth like the burning bush to Moses! This is powerful. Because they have seen the change, even if you think you have not changed that much, trust me they know. This is why you are the MVP here! The man for the job! Your testimony is a peer house to their should, the light they need in their life, and the true words of Christ to lead them to the salvation of God.

2) People you serve.

This Group is the easiest ones on the list if you are willing toward for them. What’s the price of a soul? How much time would you put into an investment, knowing that if you put that time in, it was going to reward you without fail? We are going to talk about planting seeds in a later post, but for now what I want you to know is, any time you talk to someone about the creator, you have already won! That’s right,just by sharing the salvation message, even if it’s a hundred times and no one responds, you have already won just by showing up! While I do not like presenting that philosophy to my kids in regards to sports and life, it applies here, because of its ultimately not our work, but God doing His work through us!

So you may be asking what does serving have to do with anything you just said? Everything. How do you truly meet people you have never met, and present them with a life changing presentation? By offering them something for their time! People are so, and too much so busy, in today’s age. gone are the days of sitting into park feeding pigeons, we are all in the rush today. What I want you to do is sit down and think about 3 things that you have to stop and use the time to accomplish. Guess what, others do as well. Whether its exercise, laundry, eat or go to the park with the kids, we all have things that stop us and slow us down. We as soul winners have to be aware of these things, and capitalize on them!

Here is an example of what we did in one of our church plants. We did laundry. That’s right, we washed people’s dirty clothes for them. This was the biggest blessing I have received since I was on the mission field. How far would you walk if someone had a basket full of your unmentionables? You’re right we slowed them down long enough to talk to them. This is nothing new, Jesus did this almost everywhere He went. He met a physical need to meet a spiritual one. Are you starting to see it? we will talk more about the giving ministries in a later post, but we must give to give.

3) Acquaintances, the people you know but you don’t know.

You know these people, you may even see them quite often, but really do not know anything abut them. I call acquaintances, my future friends. In order to witness to them, you have to converse with them. What, I do not have anything in common with them? I actually had someone tell me this while teaching this course. Trust me beloved, if you see them this much, there is some magnet drawing you into the same places at the same time. Whether it be at work, or a social gathering, you are probably there for the same or similar reason.

One example if this, was when I was at a friend party. Trust when I say I used that word loosely because it was more that our wives knew each other and so we were invited. I saw a man sitting off o the side and I started to think, I keep seeing this man at these events. Now this is where the Holy Spirit is stepping in whispering your ear. So, I started watching, and sure enough at the next one, he was there, sitting in the same corner. Then after the third time, I saw him, same place, same corner sitting all alone. This time, I approached him and simply said, “So, your wife made you come too, huh?” That simple phrase and we both started hanging out at these things, and to make a long story short, he became a very faithful friend and church member down the line.

The biggest thing with this group is, be aware of everything! You may not get to approach them on the first or even the second encounter, but when the time is right, another soul in heaven!

The fourth and final group we need to be cautioned about, but still a bit bold …

4) Your Family

While your voice resonates with this group, they may never see you as the person you are, but rather often times see yours the person you were. Our families have a tendency to view us in the past tense. This may not be the case with you, and only you know that it is with the majority of people.

This is why often times, we sit in a dining room with the family, and the subject of “remember when” comes up. Families are geared to historical pasts. even Jesus struggled with this, “A prophet is not without honor, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.” In Mark 6, where Jesus said this, we see a struggle between family and faith.

So now you are probably asking, “Why on earth did he add this to the list then?” Great question and the answer is because of the history of the scriptures and personal experience. We see the brothers (or the kin) mentioned here, become not only believers but the authors of two of my most beloved books of the Bible, James, and Jude. They were saved and became ultimately instrumental to the case of their brother Jesus, and to our faith. I also witnessed a very dear friend of our family, who had been praying for his parents as long as I can remember, and I was able to see after many years of himself and thousands around the world praying for them, come to know their Creator.

In close, I hope this has helped you to get to know the four groups you have witness at this very moment, and I want you to develop  a prayer time and possible a prayer team that will empower you to reach them with the Gospel, and introduce the Creatures you know, to the Creator you know!

On Mission September/2016

Dear Pastor & Praying Friends,

As we wind down another year, I’m more convinced than ever that God calls His people to changing the world through initiatives that serve the special needs, and especially the Deaf – and that at Joyce’s Kids, together with all our partners, is answering this call.

One of the central themes of Scripture is a call to “go win the lost to Christ, and make disciples of all nations.” The brilliance of Jesus’ words is found in the fact that this call is manifested in so many ways – some serve in local churches, others fight poverty, hunger, or injustice, and still others do the more unconventional, such as translating Scripture for remote people groups.

For us, we obey the call by going to one of the largest unreached people groups in the world, the Deaf. As we work to respond to these urgent needs, we rely on God’s provision and your generosity. We are grateful for you and together we have been able to do so much on behalf of the precious people that we serve. Our overall support grew by 2% percent, thanks to you and our other partners – individuals, churches, and other donors – that equip us to provide a full range of services to help transform lives all over the world. We are currently at about 22% support, and closer to our goal of 50%! Once we get to that 50% mark I will be able to quit work and focus full time on deputation and the ministry of Joyce’s Kids!

Jesus often ministered in places where others were reluctant to go, serving and ministering often to the rejected and overlooked. We’ve found He is still in these places today, especially in cities, villages, and houses where we find these precious people in need of a language and introduction to Christ.

We have been able to talk by phone, and in person with many of the missionaries whom we serve, and are developing a plan of action to begin this most serious work of winning the truly lost Deaf peoples of this world to Christ. I have been in communication with the pastors and workers in Botswana (we are still praying for a missionary) and are excited that the work there is not just continuing but thriving!

We will be making our first official trip to Ethiopia to spend some time with the school there and ministering to, and getting to know the needs that are present there. This will be like a survey trip for us to see how the work is going as well as to target areas we can assist and improve upon the many needs that we know are there. I am also, planning on stopping for a brief stay in Botswana. I am hoping to establish a method for better educating the men and women there, while I am traveling and raising support here. We will try to set up a connection point for us to meet with them regularly, and keep the momentum going that is building there. While we are not fully supported as of yet, this will be a faith move on our part, and we know that God will provide for this trip. We are needing about $3200 to be able to accomplish what we will need to do there, and we know that God will provide the need, not matter how great.

Thank you for partnering with us in offering hope, comfort, and healing. We are so grateful to work together with you to fulfill this expression of the Great Commission.

In Christ, Travis Dykes

On Mission July/2016

July Support Letter:

C99F264BThank you for your continued support. In this letter I will be talking about our deputation, and some news from Joyce’s Kids Ministries around the world. We have officially started our deputation. Mimi and I have sent out our first support packets, and are preparing to start calling pastors and mission committees in AL, GA, SC, NC, and TN.

I have a need to work until we reach the 50% mark, so I am trying toimgres initially stay close to home with my travels. We are
currently at 20%, praise the Lord, and hopefully it will not be too long for us to reach the needed 50%
milestone we have set for ourselves. It is very important that we reach this quickly because the ministry of Joyce’s Kids has many needs, and in order to meet them I will need to place myself into a position where I can focus my full attention. Thank you so much for you continued prayer as we reach out to many new churches and introduce them to Joyce’s Kids!


I have spoken with many of the missionaries I will be having the privilege to be a servant to. I know many of you also support them as well, and there are many needs around the world with the schools and churches we represent. Two important needs we have currently are:

  • A kitchen for the school in Zambia.

I spoke with Yohannes the other day and they have seriously outgrown the kitchen they were using and are now having to prepare the meals outside. This can be tricky with the flies and the weather in Zambia, and they truly do need this addition to the school.

  • A Van for the School in Ethiopia.

Gomeju is in desperate need of a school van. For many of the kids this is the only way they can get back and forth to school, and the one they had has truly been overused for the ministry there. It is no longer able to handle the workload the school has. Without this van many children will have to be turned away because transportation is very expensive in Ethiopia.

If you would be interested in helping with either of these needs, please see our donate page.


Bizuayehu familyI would ask you to remember Bizuayehu Assefa’s family in prayer. Bizuayehu, was a deaf pastor in Ethiopia and the president of VICKtory School for the Deaf’s board. He has passed away due to complications from a massive stroke. Please pray for his wife, Tsehai (so-high), and his three children:  Lydia, Yeabsira, and Ebenezer. Pastor Bizuayehu had been with B.I.O. for over 25 years, pastored, and trained many deaf in Ethiopia and was a true hero of the faith. Thank you so much for your continued prayer and support. I challenge you to go to Joyce’s Kids and visit our webpage for more information on Joyce’s Kids.

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