February/2017 Report

2 Corinthians 5:20,

“Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did
beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ’s stead, be ye reconciled to God.”

On a hot Botswana summer morning, an 11-year-old little boy woke up, ate his breakfast and got dressed. Much like every other morning in this young man’s life, there was nothing much out of the ordinary. As he went outside, he met his friends, who were running toward
s the big church building at the edge of the neighborhood. He heard yells of “Locoa, Locoa!” It is on this day December 31st, 2016 that not just his life, but many of the lives present would change for eternity …

We were privileged to go once more to the mission field and thanks to many of you who helped us with this journey, we saw souls saved and were burdened in unexpected ways. It is a privilege to be able to answr God’s call and to be his ambassador for a brief stay in Ethiopia and Botswana. I wish I had time to tell you all the beautiful things that God showed us, did for us, and did through us while there, but please allow me to highlight for you some of the key things, such as the story that was started before with the little boy.

In Ethiopia, we had the privilege to minister not only in the school but also in two churches. I spent much time in the school on week days. I traveled with Gomeju to the school in the morning, and then rode the school van home in the afternoon. I not only was able to see the kids in the school but also get an insight into where many of the kids live. It took us about two and a half hours to drop the kids off in the afternoon. Many of these dear children learn their first words at the school, and through there progression, they then meet their savior for the first time as well! I had the privilege to teach the Bible while there and through the story of Noah’s Ark and his one door, and Jesus the one door of Salvation, many of the children prayed and accepted Jesus as their savior.

Botswana: What a time it will be in heaven when we can see all those we have met and influenced on the road that Christ sets us on. This is how I felt when I went back to Botswana after three years. It was a great privilege to see all these dear people that Mimi and I have influenced for the cause of Christ and to see their continued faithfulness in our absence. We have been saying for years that our goal there was to have a Deaf church with a hearing ministry and through the efforts of the deaf and Corela that is just what we have in Romotswa. I went out to the village on Saturday the 31st, thinking this was just going to be an observation day to see the building and meet with the pastors, but God had other plans. That little boy and many of his friends heard God’s word and accepted Jesus as their Savior. In my next letter, I will expound more on the many good things that God allowed us to do on such a short trip.

All in all, we saw about 31 souls come to know Christ as their savior, and that is worth all the sacrifice we could ever offer.