Facebook Friends Report:


Mimi, Nikki, Logan, and I will be traveling to Ethiopia in December. We have chosen to sacrifice our Christmas break and take a needed survey trip to energize us for the ministry God has called us to Joyce’s Kids.

One thing to understand is that December 25th is not when Ethiopia observes Christmas so there will be much we will be able to do while there, and of course, we do have many family members and friends there, so it will not all be work.

Here is a few specific prayer request we have for this trip:

  • That we will be a blessing to those serving in Ethiopia and Botswana
  • A deeper burden for the work there.
  • Souls saved!
  • Energy for our Deputation.


I will also begin to start calling churches full time this coming Tuesday. I will have to be very careful as I have to maintain a job until we reach at least 25% support. We do have a few obstacles in our path to overcome, but on faith, I plan to begin traveling and visiting churches even if I do not have a meeting with them. We will have stick to an 8-hour driving distance from our home or the BIO office. I thank God I have work that will travel with me if I have the necessary equipment to do so.

My Plan is simple:

  • 30% Support – I will go part time at work:

I will still have to work, but not as much. The reason for employment is not all financial as much as it is to maintain insurance and educational needs the kids have, especially Logan.

  • 50% Support – I will go Full time with Joyce’s kids and deputation:

There are some obstacles that we will not be able to overcome:

  1. Logan will need to remain in school throughout the school year. He is doing better than anyone ever had thought, but still requires some of the programs that assist him with his educational needs.
  2. While Working I will not be able to attend a full missions conference. For a missionary these conferences are priceless, and some churches will only have you at these conferences. So for now I have to put this into God’s hands.
  3. Limitation of travel (do to work).

Prayer List:

  • Encouragement to walk by faith while on deputation.
  • Fruitfulness in my contacting Churches for meetings.
  • Understanding from Churches about my family situation and them not always being able to travel with me.
  • Our upcoming trip to Ethiopia and Botswana for safety and to get a deeper burden for the calling God has placed on our lives.