On Mission July/2016

July Support Letter:

C99F264BThank you for your continued support. In this letter I will be talking about our deputation, and some news from Joyce’s Kids Ministries around the world. We have officially started our deputation. Mimi and I have sent out our first support packets, and are preparing to start calling pastors and mission committees in AL, GA, SC, NC, and TN.

I have a need to work until we reach the 50% mark, so I am trying toimgres initially stay close to home with my travels. We are
currently at 20%, praise the Lord, and hopefully it will not be too long for us to reach the needed 50%
milestone we have set for ourselves. It is very important that we reach this quickly because the ministry of Joyce’s Kids has many needs, and in order to meet them I will need to place myself into a position where I can focus my full attention. Thank you so much for you continued prayer as we reach out to many new churches and introduce them to Joyce’s Kids!


I have spoken with many of the missionaries I will be having the privilege to be a servant to. I know many of you also support them as well, and there are many needs around the world with the schools and churches we represent. Two important needs we have currently are:

  • A kitchen for the school in Zambia.

I spoke with Yohannes the other day and they have seriously outgrown the kitchen they were using and are now having to prepare the meals outside. This can be tricky with the flies and the weather in Zambia, and they truly do need this addition to the school.

  • A Van for the School in Ethiopia.

Gomeju is in desperate need of a school van. For many of the kids this is the only way they can get back and forth to school, and the one they had has truly been overused for the ministry there. It is no longer able to handle the workload the school has. Without this van many children will have to be turned away because transportation is very expensive in Ethiopia.

If you would be interested in helping with either of these needs, please see our donate page.


Bizuayehu familyI would ask you to remember Bizuayehu Assefa’s family in prayer. Bizuayehu, was a deaf pastor in Ethiopia and the president of VICKtory School for the Deaf’s board. He has passed away due to complications from a massive stroke. Please pray for his wife, Tsehai (so-high), and his three children:  Lydia, Yeabsira, and Ebenezer. Pastor Bizuayehu had been with B.I.O. for over 25 years, pastored, and trained many deaf in Ethiopia and was a true hero of the faith. Thank you so much for your continued prayer and support. I challenge you to go to Joyce’s Kids and visit our webpage for more information on Joyce’s Kids.

Our Time in Botswana:

The Botswana Story 

pics“… the heart can be touched!” This statement resonates with our time in Botswana. In 1996, my wife, Mimi’s, heart was touched, when she learned about a need the Deaf people in Botswana had. Through the urging of God and Dr. Joyce Vick, Mimi had a heartfelt calling and desire to go as a missionary to this needful country.

DSC01372Mimi was instrumental in assisting the Ministry of Education,
Sign language teaching and training, as well as establishing Bible studies for the Deaf. From what we have learned, the very first Deaf person was lead to the Lord by Mimi in the country (Ishmael Thebe). After a few years God called the very first Deaf Pastor, Emelang Moikotlhai, and through that calling and the efforts of Mimi, the First Deaf Bible Baptist Church of Ramotswa was founded in 1998.

Mimi, though she had been to the States a few times prior, came to the United States to raise support for a much needed Church building, and for the ministry as well.

salvations (5)“… the heart can be touched!” In 1999, I had accepted the call of God in my life to become a missionary. I moved to Tennessee to pursue this calling in 2000. While working one day I had met a man, who was from this country of Botswana, which was little-known to me, and we talked for about 2 hours on the Knoxville circuit City sales floor about his home country. I would never meet this man again, but he impacted my heart for his country, and later that month I accepted the call of God to become a missionary there. A few months latter, I would meet this amazing missionary from that country, my wife Mimi.

After our marriage, we immediately began deputation, so that we could quickly get back to the place my wife had served for so many years and the place that God had driven a desire into me for. In May of 2001, I would visit this country for the first time.

My survey trip was a bit unusual as compared to most missionaries, IMG_0188since I was visiting a work in progress. Immediately off the plane we got to work, and I would over the next month meet some people that would impact my life forever.

After visiting, a few over 200, churches Mimi and I would raise enough support to make our move to Botswana together. Through the years we would raise up two more ministers of the faith (Corela and Tshenolo) and establish woks for the hearing as well as the deaf.

“… tDSC00241he heart can be touched!” These  words have become a tag line for our ministries, and Botswana is no different. Not only were we touching hearts there, but the people we encountered touched our hearts as well. The duel impact of serving the Lord is just that. People do as much for you as you do for them.

There is still much to be done in the country of Botswana, and though we are not there physically, we are there spiritually, emotionally, and financially. Our pastors are under-supported, and in need of funding. if you would like to help support these men who literally sacrifice all to serve the Lord, please fill out the form bellow and in the form for country write Botswana, and we will send you the information on one of these faith men!