The Largest Unreached People Group

Why is a ministry like Joyce’s Kids so important? 

… and why we do what we do!

Are there any truly unreached people in the World?

I know what you’re thinking, and yes it’s hard to believe that after 2000+ years since Christ’s ascension into Heaven, there can be unreached in the world? Let me introduce you to one set of people that are truly unreached. The Deaf of this world is the largest unreached people group. What! How can you make such a claim you may be thinking? Let’s look at some facts:

  • According to the World Health Organization, over 5% of the world’s population has a disabling hearing loss.
  • The World Deaf Federation reports that only about 1-2% of the Deaf receive an education in Sign Language.
  • It is estimated according to many of the organizations such as Joyce’s Kids, Silent Word Ministries, and many others, that only about 2% of the Deaf in the world have a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

All of this combined qualifies the Deaf as an Unreached people group.

A Practical Look:

What does all these statistics look like?

  • 5% of the world’s population being Deaf:
  • America has roughly (according to at the time this was written) 325,000,000 people residing in it’s borders that we know of.
  • The world population is roughly 7,000,000,000
  • That puts the Deaf population at roughly 350,000,000
  • If you took all the Deaf people in the world and placed them in a single country, they would be the third largest country in the world; larger than the population of the United States of America!

Put this into perspective. While it would make our work a lot easier if they were in one nation, they are not. Think about how many churches, Missionaries, Missions, and outreach projects we run in America today. Now think about how many people you know that have still not been brought to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

This is why an organization like Joyce’s Kids is needed. The harvest is great, and it takes groups to conquer such a challenging field. We are able to equip the missionaries with the tools and extra funding they need to educate and win these Deaf peoples to the Lord. As a Director, I am looking forward to working with others on a team and with a group effort to go to places where there are no missionaries and present this to God’s people in the hopes that more will join us in our efforts to reach this unreached people group to Christ.

  • The World Deaf Federation reports that only about 1-2% of the Deaf receive an education in Sign Language.

Think about the people you are currently witnessing to on a daily basis. What if you could not speak to them tomorrow, not because of a physical contact availability, but because you did not know their language?

This means that out of that 350,000,000 Deaf People, only 7,000,000 have received an education in their own language. I have personally witnessed this in a developing nation where I worked. There was a classroom of Deaf students (a little over 20), and a teacher, teaching them. She was writing on the chalkboard, and the students were copying what she wrote. There was one issue here, though. While I appreciate the government of that nation for offering any kind of education to the Deaf; the issue was that the teacher did not know sign language! While I have the artistic capability to copy Chinese on a piece of paper, I can not tell you at all what it says, or how to apply it to my life. If I copy Chinese (a language I do not know) on a piece of paper, its just art to me.

Attempting to teach the Deaf in anything other than sign language, would be like me assisting my children with their homework in French. They would not get it, and they would be very confused.

The lack of education is also a road block to Bible teaching and winning them to Christ. They need to know their language (or any language) for someone to be able to share the Gospel with them.

This is why there is a need for Joyce’s Kids. Hearing Children, in spite of an education, learn their language at a very young age. While most Deaf people are not born that way, in developing nations they become Deaf at a very young age. This is why we need schools. We do not start schools as a means of charity; we start them as a means of the ultimate charity. We start these schools and educate these children with one goal in mind, reaching them for Jesus Christ. We not only reach them, but these precious children (and sometimes adults) have families. These families would have no hope in many nations if it were not for these schools.

Imagine if you were a father or mother, and had a child that was Deaf. This child is yours, alive, and still a blessing, but you have no idea what to do. You go to the local education system and they tell you they have no programs for that child and there is nothing they can do for you. This is unheard of in America I know, but in many developing nations, parents feel that pit in their stomach every day from a hopeless response.

In Zambia, Ethiopia, Brazil, South America, the Philippines, and a few other nations, when this parent goes to the ministry of education and asks this question, they are met with a hopeful response. “you know we do not have much to offer … but there is a missionary …” This is what we do every day in the nations we have a presence in, we supply hope to the hopeless. We educate not only the children in sign language, but we educate the parents that are willing as well. For the first time, a mother can now have a conversation with her daughter, and a father can now communicate with and teach his son. A Missionary can now give the Gospel, and it is fully understood.

  • It is estimated according to many of the organizations such as Joyce’s Kids, Silent Word Ministries, and many others, that only about 2% of the Deaf in the world have a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

This is our primary goal. How much investment is a soul worth? How much time, money, and effort is that Deaf child worth? Along with our faithful team of missionaries, I have said it is worth my life.

For most disabled children in developing countries, their families simply believe that they cannot learn. In many African countries, schools for disabled and handicapped children simply do not exist.

They receive no education, learn no skills and many are exposed to verbal, physical, and sexual abuse on a daily basis. Worst of all, many of these children have come to believe that GOD does not love them and that their lives have absolutely no value or hope.

I have spent time with Deaf Children in developing nations, and when I asked them about God, they asked “What is God?” meaning the actual word “God:” not even the person God. Imagine not to even know the word that we use to describe the ultimate love contained in the person of God.

At Joyce’s Kids, we work along side of the schools, churches, missionaries, and ministries to equip them with the tools needed to answer this question “What is God?”

We only need one more key team member – YOU! We can’t do it without your prayers and support. This is one place you can be sure that what you do will result in someone hearing the gospel who would not have any other way.

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