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Combined my wife Mimi and I have been in the ministry for a little over 20 years. We have given our lives to God’s Great Commission.  We are both saved, my wife since she was 13 years old and myself since I was 16 years old. We have twin children Nikki and Logan (age 8).They have each recently accepted Christ as her Savior. We served as missionaries to the country of Botswana for many years, and have maintained a ministry there since 1998. We are Independent Baptist Missionaries sent out of Henry Baptist Church in McDonough, GA. and serve under the banner of Baptist International Outreach.

Our Calling:

We have been called to be missionaries to the Deaf. We will be serving in three capacities and I hope you will take time to watch our presentation.

  • Ethiopia – working with the VICKtory School for the Deaf & church planting.
  • Botswana – Strengthening the team established there, and pushing further momentum to reach the Deaf of Botswana through a circuit-riding ministry.
  • Joyce’s Kids – supporting God’s servants, by being their servants. We will be traveling at times throughout the year to visit works for the deaf, Blind, and mentally challenged, to encourage, support, and report the great things the Lord is doing through the schools and church plants.

Our Presentation:

Our Plans

Our Plans.pdf

Thank you for your time in looking this information over. My family and I have been called to serve as the Director of Joyce’s Kids a Ministry of Baptist International Outreach. We will go to the Ethiopia to work with our Deaf School and Deaf Church planting efforts there, as well as traveling to the country of Botswana while there to work with our team there and their church planting efforts. Our goal is to lead the teams in the two countries and generate momentum in various ministries that will see many people come to know Christ as their savior and supply them with a place to learn and serve once Saved.


While in Ethiopia we will be working within VICKtory Christian School for the Deaf to develop a Bible Curriculum that will not only see these precious children saved, but also move many of them to full-time service for the Lord as well. Ethiopia is said to be 50% Ethiopian Orthodox and 48% Muslim. We have an opportunity while these students are in school to give them the gospel and then teach them the word of God. We may never get this opportunity outside of the school as many of them are from Orthodox or Muslim families. We will also have the opportunity to show the love of Christ and witness to many of their family members who would not otherwise hear the Gospel from most people, but because of what we are doing through Christ for their children they will give an ear! We will be working towards planting a church on the school ground alongside a national pastor that I will personally work with to get the church started and then, in turn, the pastor will become the Bible teacher on the school grounds as well.


We will be traveling to the country of Botswana regularly to begin a circuit-riding ministry much like the ones we had America. Our team will be going by bus throughout the country establishing Deaf Bible studies and home ministries with the purpose of one day seeing a church planted where they travel.

About the Missionary:

It is a blessing to be involved in a ministry like Joyce’s Kids and with modern day technology and the hope for some things we have in mind I know God will continue to bless the ministry that Dr. Joyce Vick started many years ago. It only fits that while we lead Joyce’s Kids God has made it able for us to go and minister in the same places she had established many works with the Deaf and Blind. Joyce’s Kids has been and always will be Servants helping Servants, the missionaries, and we work hand in hand to reach one of the largest unreached people groups, the Deaf.

We served in the Country of Botswana as Missionaries from 2002-2012. While there we were able to see God create lasting works that are still there today and ready to move forward. We have two churches for the Deaf and Hearing Ministry. In 2011 we learned that our son Logan was Autistic and we had to leave our home in Botswana and bring him back to the states to receive speech therapy and learn how we could teach him. Since we have been in America, we were able to continue our ministry and work in Chruch restoration, and we also planted a church in Stockbridge, GA. God has worked in wonderful ways to prepare not only us but also my children for our return to full-time mission service. We have learned so much about Autism and how to work with it and are looking forward to helping families who struggle with this in Ethiopia and Botswana as well.

When we look at all God has laid before us, at times it seems overwhelming. We think about this as a wall. We say much time that with God all things are possible (if it’s His will and not mine). This ministry we have is no different. Just as Joshua stood before the wall of Jericho knowing there nothing he could do to ever take it down, we know from the story that what was behind that wall is God’s property and so God removed the walls separating Him from His property. The ones we are caused rot serve are God’s property and we know God will make a way for us to go and claim them in His name!

I would ask us to prayerfully consider us for support, and there is a great urgency for us to be on the field as quickly as possible. Feel free to reach out to me at any time as we would love to come and share with your people what God has done and what he will do through this ministry.

The Need:

I know what you’re thinking, and yes it’s hard to believe that after 2000+ years since Christ’s ascension into Heaven, there can be unreached in the world? Let me introduce you to one set of people that are truly unreached. The Deaf of this world is the largest unreached people group. What! How can you make such a claim you may be thinking? Let’s look at some facts:

  • According to the World Health Organization, over 5% of the world’s population has a disabling hearing loss.
  • The World Deaf Federation reports that only about 1-2% of the Deaf receives an education in Sign Language.
  • It is estimated according to many of the organizations such as Joyce’s Kids, Silent Word Ministries, and many others, that only about 2% of the Deaf in the world have a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

All of this combined qualifies the Deaf as an Unreached people group.

We would ask you to prayerfully consider partnering with us and allow us to serve as your missionaries.

Once we are fully supported we will move to Ethiopia. I am making plans and preparations for maintaining the oversight here at home, but right now we have two countries who are without an American missionary to the Deaf; Ethiopia and Botswana. Many of you know one of my favorite things is watching God work! In December and January, we could do just that. We went to Ethiopia to survey the VICKtory School for the Deaf, and while there I made a trip to Botswana. What God showed us is that this is possible. What is so amazing about this is that both are in desperate need for leadership to save and continue some great ministries.

About our Support:

Currently, we are at around 39% of the support needed to fully engage in the mission the Lord has laid out for us. We will not receive a salary for the position, and we will be supported by independent churches like yours. We look at deputation, not as a burden, but as an opportunity for ministry. Jim Eliot said, “Wherever you are be all there, live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the perfect will of God.” We have adopted this philosophy, and believe whether we are on deputation or on the field we are missionaries.

We are available for Mission Conferences, Church Meetings, social engagements with small groups, school projects, and ministerial education classes. If you would like to book us for meetings, please email me anytime!


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